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Eagle Sales is a Full Line Hilti Distributor

Eagle Sales is proud to offer the full line of Hilti products. Hilti Corporation helps supply worldwide construction industries with modern products, services, software, and systems. Known for their quality and innovation, Hilti also stands for sustainable value and takes great care in their processes.

Their successful line of products covers all kinds of construction needs, from physical to digital. Their line includes:

  • Cordless Tools

  • Tool Inserts

  • Firestop & Fire Protection

  • Power Tools

  • Direct Fastening

  • Exoskeleton & Human Augmentation Systems

  • High-Quality Services

  • Modular Support Systems

  • Software

  • Measuring Tools & Scanners

  • Facade Mounting Systems

  • Fasteners

  • Construction Chemicals

  • Dust Management & Cleaning

  • Hilti worker.
Photos courtesy of Hilti Corporation.

Founded in 1941, Hilti has never lost their original values as a small, family start-up. Now a globally trusted business, they are still family-owned and ensure that their customer service reflects those origins. From high-quality products to astounding customer service, the core of their business is sustainability and service.

In the modern era, Hilti wants to build a better future for everyone, and that doesn’t end with their engineering and construction projects. Early in their organization, Hilti made the decision that the company would always be an agent of positive change in the world, and Hilti stands by that commitment through efforts towards sustainability leadership, personal and hands-on endeavors from Hilti’s team members, and organized financial contributions, at both global and local levels. 

Interested in Hilti’s line of products? Eagle Sales would be happy to connect you to the tools you need to get a job done right. Get in touch with our team today for more information.