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Safety Products and Equipment

All Safety Equipment you need, all in one place.

Personal Protective Equipment, or “PPE”, is a term we have all come to know in recent months.  It has been used in multiple industries at a multitude of sites to minimize risk and protect employees from illness and injuries caused by a variety of hazards. Some examples of personal equipment to protect you and your employees includes gloves, safety googles, ear and eye protection, masks, respirators, safety vest and full body harnesses.

At Eagle Sales, we want you and your employees to work safely. Stop by 5100 Raleigh Lagrange Road or call (901) 458-6133 to speak to an Eagle Sales professional about your company’s PPE today.  

Protective Industrial Products

Protective Industrial Products Leading the way in safety equipment. We provide products for safety, confidence and productivity.


Safety Eyewear Protection

Bouton® Optical offers nearly 50 distinctive styles of safety eyewear – and some are even adjustable. Once the type of protection required has been established, we suggest you try on different styles to determine which is best suited for you.

Standard Non-Belt Full Body Safety Harness

Industrial Worksite Safety Equipment is critical. We carry fall protection equipment, safety harness with comfortable legs straps. We also FT-Iron 1D Standard Non-Belted Full Body Safety Harness. Improving mobility, flexibility, and longevity has made the FT-Iron the iron worker’s must-have harness for all day comfort; featuring Comfort Legs™ lateral leg straps, reinforced sub-pelvic strap, and minimal D-ring plate slippage.

Safety Gloves

A collection of hand protection to ensure your hands are protected from scrapes, cuts, chemicals and dirt.  We offer a variety of all work gloves from unsupported gloves, disposable gloves, leather gloves, and high performance gloves.

Face Masks, Respirators and Shields

All varieties of mask and respirators and shields are available. Washable fabric face mask with replaceable filter offers long term use. Comfortable, easy on/off neck straps along with secondary head strap provides optimum fit. Latex and BPA free.

Safety Vests

High visible safety vests meets ANSI/ISEA 107-2015, Type R, Class 2 requirement. Breathable mesh fabric on back with 2-inch retro-reflective stripes to enhance visibility. Zipper closure in front to secure fit with exterior tab to attach radio clip or other items. Exterior pocket has hook and loop closure to secure items.

Klein Tools Lineman Edition

Klein Tools’ hard hats and safety helmets were designed and engineered for optimal safety, comfort and fit. With vented and non-vented options, full brim and cap styles, and a variety of color options, Klein Tools’ hard hats also feature accessory mounts for things like visors and headlamps, so you can customize your hard hat to fit your jobsite needs.


G-Tek VR-X Gloves

One of our most popular glove brands, G-Tek gloves come in a variety of styles and colors to suit the needs of many. The majority of our G-Tek gloves feature a nylon knit glove that has been coated on the palm for increased protection and grip.


Be Prepared for the Severe Weather Season.
Check out our ARC Rated Flame Resistant Hi-Vis Apparel.  PIp offers a full offering of High Visibility AR/FR clothing options from 100% cotton t-shirts to raincoats, hoodies and safety vests to keep electrical workers seen and safe on the job.