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Memphis Huge Selection of Industrial Supply Fasteners.

Eagle Sales Brings Industrial Fasteners from Ancient Greece To You! 

When people think of the great Industrial Revolution, they almost always discuss and study the great inventions that brought America into the mechanical age. These inventions transformed the economic fabric of entire civilizations. What people fail to consider, however, is the role that industrial fasteners played in those inventions. Without the simple threaded screw, most likely invented in ancient Greece around 400 B.C., the industrial revolution would not have occurred.  

The invention of the threaded screw by Archytas formed the basis for many of the later industrial fasteners such as the nut and bolt, the self-drilling screw, and carriage bolts. These fasteners were developed for specific needs and, today, the innovation continues. 

That’s where Eagle Sales comes in!  We have made more than a few advances since the original screw in ancient Greece and we bring them to you!  Eagle Sales carries more than 60,000 products in our 30,000 square- foot facility which can be ordered in any quantity. 

Eagle Sales Has the Industrial Fasteners You Need: 

Anchors  Self -Tapping Screws  

Black Oxide and Black Zinc Thread Cutting Screws 

Caps Six lobe Fasteners 

Domestic Fasteners Spacers and Standoffs 

Extreme Grade Spring Cage Nuts 

Galvanized Fasteners Spring Pins 

Insert Bits Stainless Steel Products 

Locknuts Tap and Frame Bolts 

Machine Screws Thread Rolling Screws 

Metric Fasteners Undercut Heads 

Military Hardware Washers 

Nylon Fasteners Weld Nuts 

Round Head Bolts Wing Screws 

Self-Clinching Fasteners Yellow Zinc 

Self-Drilling Screws 

Eagle Sales will get your order shipped the same day it is ordered, and one-day shipping is available. We have been in business for over 30 years so we at Eagle Sales know what you need, and we get it to you. We fill custom orders as well.  

Call us, email us or just drop in to see us. As always at Eagle Sales, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our Products would make Archytas proud.